Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gray on the inside....

This cold has a hold of me in such a way that I can't see around it.  All I can do is sit and and try to not be suffocated by it.  I do not feel the warm yellow sunshine that I should feel when smiling and wishing well of others, there is only gray.
Then, for a moment I can breathe. The coughing and sneezing are gone.  The inability to breathe has passed and I feel a tiny sliver of light blue.  A hope that the sunshine will return soon.  And then as quickly as it came.......it is gone.
Soon enough, this will pass.  But for now, there is only gray.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Musings

Truth is....

Truth is....I'm beat!  Getting adjusted to the sleep cycles of an infant is not something that is easily done!

Truth is....babies don't mind coughing and sneezing right in your face.  I've got the cold that Youngest has had for a few days.

Truth is.....I wish I could just succumb to the cold for a couple of days, crawling into the darkness of my bedroom and the comfort of my bed.  Unfortunately, Mom doesn't ever get the luxury of being sick.

Truth is....I LOVE having 3 boys!  They are all 3 so different. 

Truth is....it continues to amaze me how much your heart grows with love for another baby!  It seems like at some point there would be a limit.  Alas, there is not!

Truth is.....the worry grows too!

Truth is....as much as I would LOVE to stay home with #3, be home when Oldest and Middle get on and off the bus, that is probably not the best idea. 

Truth is....I really hate to say that out loud, because it makes me so sad to think about.

Truth is.....*sigh*  *sniff*

Truth is....Oldest only has a couple of weeks of his basketball season left. He's turning into such a good player.  His games are so fun to watch, I'm going to be a little sad to see the season end.

Truth is....I won't miss rushing home from work to take him to his 6:30 practice on Wednesday and Friday evenings.  Whew!

Truth is....we're gearing up to host a Super Bowl Pajama Party!

Truth is....I can hardly wait.  I really love being around good people.  Surrounding yourself with good people brings out the good in you. 

Truth is....I'm glad I have a week to clean and tidy the house! 

Truth is....why do I worry over what the house looks like?  There will be 7 little boys (ages 11 and under) running wild.  When it's all said and done, the house will be a mess....but the boys will have had fun and that's what matters!

Truth is....when I visit friends I couldn't care less how their homes look, I'm there to see THEM!  Why do I think they will judge me on the appearance of mine?  They won't.....it's just that's how things live in my head.

Truth is....I feel better now that I've unloaded some of my stress!