Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rambling Wednesday...

Today I have so much on my mind, that maybe if I write it all down, it will help clear my head!

  • Our dentist appointments went well yesterday.  No cavities for anyone...hooray!
  • The dentist confirmed that Youngest has THREE loose teeth.  Big smiling eyes when he heard that news!  Look out tooth fairy!
  • Several weeks ago our pastor mentioned that one of his favorite things is a Dr. Pepper slurpee!  Where has this been all my life and why am I not drinking one right now?
  • We're having a lot of trouble with Oldest and his ability to tell the truth on even the most trivial questions.
  • There's been a lot of yelling and teeth gnashing over lying and helping around the house.
  • I feel like I'm failing my children.  
  • I'm less than happy with my work life as well.  I feel like our leadership team is trying to make the role much harder than what it is.
  • My work hours recently changed.  I go in about 30 minutes later (not late enough to actually help hubby with ANYTHING in the morning) and I get home about 45 minutes later than I used to.
  • Changing work hours means a change all the way around for the family.  We have less time together in the evenings and we're rushing to get things done.
  • When do we have time to just stop and breathe?
  • Our house is almost always a disaster zone!  We need a better plan to keep it clean.
  • Hubby and I are celebrating our 13 year wedding anniversary next Monday!  WOWZA! 
  • Hubby is working all weekend and working late through the first part of next week.  I don't see any anniversary celebrating this year. With busy work life and two kiddos, that's bound to happen!
  • The following weekend is Oldest's birthday.  We're going camping and two of his friends are tagging along.  FUN!
  • The weather in the Midwest is so unpredictable, we're praying for a dry weekend!  It hasn't rained since my birthday weekend when we took the family camping.  We're due for more rain. 
  • I've been eating my stress lately.  Not only is it not helping my stress, it's not helping my waistline either!
  • I really believe that God doesn't give us more than we can handle.  Sometimes I believe he may have a little to much faith in me to handle all he's given me!

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