Thursday, October 27, 2011

Truth is Thursday

Truth family is very blessed.  Hubby and I work very hard for what we have and the good lord has provided us a cornucopia of blessings.

Truth kids want for very little, but they are getting a BIG sense of entitlement!  I want, I want, I want.  YIKES!

Truth is....I've been looking for a way for my family to give back a little, especially as we're approaching the holiday season.

Truth is....our church couldn't have had better timing in offering Christmas Child!  This is a program that brings Christmas gifts to less fortunate children.  You simply grab one of the shoebox sized boxes that are provided and the directions are inside.  We grabbed two (one for each of our boys)!

Truth is....reading over some of the recommendations for these children's gifts made me feel very sad and selfish.  They were asking for things like personal hygiene products, school supplies and maybe a couple of toys.  Keeping in mind that it all has to fit in the box.

Truth can select the age and gender of the child that you're buying for.  Is anyone surprised that both of my boys opted to buy for boys that were their same ages? 

Truth is....we took the boys shopping last night to fill their boxes.  What better way for them to learn that not all children are as fortunate as they are.

Truth is....I shopped and my boys played.  Youngest is still young enough that he's still very ego-centric.  Each time I asked him if 'this' was something he'd like to give the other child he responded by saying 'no, that wouldn't be fair because I don't have that'.  Whatever 'this' was, went immediately into the cart for the other child.  Oldest was doing his best to find a notebook so he can start a journal. Balls were being thrown, armor was dawned, swords were being was insanity!

Truth is....Hubby actually picked up one of the gifts from the cart and said $5 for Uno?  Yes, that really happened.  Yes, Uno stayed in the cart for both of the children we were buying for.  Eyeballs rolling at that comment for sure!

Truth is....I was a little disappointed that the boys didn't take more of an interest in what was being purchased.  After we were done and I showed them what we bought for each of their boxes they both seemed to genuinely approve.

Truth is....while it may not have been what I envisioned, I think it was a positive first step towards teaching the boys a little humility and selflessness.

Truth is....I'd like to thank one of my favorite bloggers, Julia at Surviving Boys, for hosting Truth is Thursday....very cathartic!

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