Friday, November 4, 2011


Both of my children are really coming along in their artwork.  Oldest has a bit more practice so he has a little more skill.  He isn't quite as understanding as I'd like him to be when Youngest's picture needs a little explaining for us to 'see' what he has created.  They are both great artists in their own right. 

Oldest's art teacher uploads his school creations to a website, we don't have that luxury with Youngest yet since he's in preschool, but rest assured we love his art too! 

Here are a few of my favorite pieces that Oldest has done since he started school, they are in no particular order, they aren't even in order of what grade he was in when he created the pieces. 

Keep in mind, he is instructed on what to draw, he does have creative license to make the picture as he wishes.  Most of his 'school art' he's not fond of because he prefers sketching to painting. 

I had this piece made into a t-shirt...

Spooky Halloween
Don't those little cardinals look cold??
This piece too has been made into a t-shirt...
I had luggage tags made from his piece...
This is his latest work...

His 4th grade teacher told us in his conference a couple of weeks ago that he has such a great artist talent.  He draws and paints very well, he is also a great writer.  He has the ability to let the reader hear his voice.  This child LOVES to read and I think that really helps feed his creative side!  I can hardly wait to see what profession he will choose when he gets older...hopefully something he loves!

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