Friday, August 19, 2011


My youngest has always been afraid of storms.  When he was much smaller and still sleeping in a toddler bed, thunderstorms would occasionally wake him in the night.  Of course, he wasn't about to stay in his bed, he would bravely walk down the hall to where hubby and I sleep.  I was woken by a face about 2 inches from mine saying 'That fun-door cared me right out my room'! That made two of us that were now 'cared', I was certainly not expecting to wake up with someone standing so close to my face.
Fast forward to current day.  My little man is now 5 years old, still scared of thunderstorms.  Last night we had a BIG storm blow through our area.  This was a vicious storm that left the backyard a mess and lots of people in surrounding communities without power.  While this should be old hat, I was still surprised to have a visitor around midnight telling me he was scared.  He hopped up into bed and almost immediately fell back to sleep.
As any parent knows, children come equipt with about 900 knees and elbows.  They somehow hide them as they carry on with their everyday lives, but when they are in bed with you all you can feel are knees and elbows merilessly jabbing you!  This is not the most pleasant way to spend a night's sleep!
As soon as he was asleep, I carried him back to bed.  Two hours later, the storm was still going strong and there was my youngest, scared again...poor guy!  I threw in the towel and just let him stay in bed with us.  How does one body manage to take up so much space?  Somehow that wiggly little body managed to put itself horizontal on the bed.  I had feet in my back or stomach all night and hubby got the rock-hard head!  There was our little boy sound asleep with not a worry in the world.  Ahh to be young again!

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