Friday, August 26, 2011

Missing tooth

For the last couple of weeks, the excitement around my house has been building.  Youngest discovered he has two loose teeth!  These are the first of this teeth to wiggle, so the excitement just could not be contained once he made this discovery.
I'm not terribly surprised that he has two loose teeth at once, when he was a baby and was cutting teeth he would get them either in pairs or four at a time.  Good times!
Yesterday, youngest told me he had something to show me.  One of those teeth was just barely hanging in there.  He allowed hubby and I to give it a yank, but he kept moving his mouth and we'd lose our grip.  The tooth was hitting a nerve and was a bit sore.  He couldn't eat his dinner, he just kept holding his hands over his mouth.  He did NOT want anymore hands near his mouth.  It was pretty pitiful. 
At bedtime, he was beginning to cave.  The lure of the tooth fairy visit was giving him cause to waver.  I read him a bedtime story and once we were done, he said that he wanted me to try again, only he wanted oldest to hold him down.
He laid very still, but silly mom forgot to dry the tooth off first and again I lost my grip. I called hubby to let him have a try.  He told youngest that he was just going to dry it off, as he was pulling his hand back out, he grabbed hold and pulled the tooth right out.  Youngest was still wincing waiting for Daddy to pull the tooth.  He was shocked that he hadn't felt a thing!  Of course, being ALL BOY, he was thrilled that there was blood in his mouth.
He needed to immediately call both grandparents and let them in on the good news.  Of course there was much excitement around the whole thing. 
We got a glass, put a little water in it, plopped the tooth in and youngest quickly went to bed! 
He could not have been anymore excited to wake up and find that the tooth fairy didn't disappoint.  She left him a very loud whistle (because when you lose a tooth, you lose your whistler too, nevermind that he doesn't know how to whistle) and $5.00! 
I'd imagine he's really working on that second tooth today....the tooth fairy is going to be broke if he keeps losing all of his teeth!

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