Saturday, August 20, 2011


Our children have been having a difficult time learning how to be productive members of our family.  The talking back, refusal to pick up after themselves and sassy mouths have hubby and I at our wits end. Don't get me wrong, we would walk through fire for our boys that are normally very good children. It's just as of late, this crazy thing called 'free will' has been getting the better of them and they're having a tough time making the right decisions. 
Just before school started, hubby told my oldest that he needed to get in the habit of making sure his hair was presentable every day before he leaves the house and he needed to keep his room picked up.  He was given two weeks to 'practice' fixing his hair AND keeping his room clean or else he was going to the barbershop and he would be getting a buzz cut (NOT his normal 'do'). Can we predict where this is going???
We land on Saturday morning and that child couldn't get it together and help around the house.  He sort of just lolligags and drags his feet in hopes that someone else will do it for him.  Not this day!  This day....he pulled the final straw. 
Now......he sits in the barber chair.  Learning a hard lesson.  HE is not in control.  HE doesn't make the rules.  HE must learn to be a member of our family.  Now, perhaps when he looks in the mirror he will remember following instructions, keeping himself presentable and watching the sass that slips out so easily.
If this doesn't work....he'll be wearing the outfits that hubby and I choose for him.  White or Navy polo shirt and khaki pants or shorts....a uniform!  Can you imagine? 
Somtimes lessons of childhood are difficult.  Parenthood is always difficult.  Maybe that makes us even somehow?

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