Friday, March 22, 2013

Proud Mommy Moments

One of my favorite blogs is The Daily Dribbles.  The author of that blog is really good about being real and honest about what it's like to raise a family.  I find myself checking in on her blog every day to see if there are any updates.  Weekly she posts her Proud Mommy Moments...I think this is a fabulous idea!  So here goes....

We go to dinner with family friends every Friday.  They have children the same ages as ours, everyone gets along and we all look forward to Friday Family Dinner.  It's just great conversation with great people that we enjoy spending time with.  This Friday, said family is out of town.  They are in sunny Las Vegas (while it's 30 degrees and snowing here) so I hate at them just a little bit.  Needless to say, this means no Friday Family Dinner, bummer.  M has been itching to color Easter eggs, to the extent that he's asked me EVERY SINGLE NIGHT THIS WEEK if we could color Easter eggs.  I've managed to get the eggs cooked, but we've not gotten around to coloring them yet.  It's just too chaotic during the week!

We've got plans all weekend, except for tonight (because our friends are in Las Vegas working on their tans....ehem), so I thought this would be a terrific night to stay home and color Easter eggs!  If we're going to color these eggs dinner needs to be ready and waiting when we walk through the door.  I'd planned to make crockpot chicken tacos, but I just plain ran out of time this morning!

As I was driving to work I called J and asked him if he was up for whipping up dinner.  I told him it would take 5 minutes.  I walked him through step by step what to do (8 minutes later...rather than the promised 5 minutes) he had dinner going for us!  I'm super proud of him for being willing to give it a try.  Now when we get home we will be able to feast on his yummy chicken tacos and then color our Easter eggs!  HOORAY!!

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