Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fool's!!

I believe that honesty is one of the best character traits a person can have.  I believe that no matter the situation, you should be honest.  Be honest with yourself and be honest with any others that may be involved.  Yes, there is a tactful way to provide unwanted news but you shouldn't soften the blow so much that the truth gets hidden.

That said I took FULL advantage of April Fool's Day yesterday.  It was a great opportunity to be a little ornery and have some fun with J and M!

First thing in the morning I told them that school had been cancelled because they were expecting very low wind-chills and they didn't want children waiting at bus stops.  APRIL FOOL'S!!

When I picked them up I told them that I'd heard on Good Morning America that scientists had been studying gorillas and the way that they communicate with each other.  After years of study they were able to decipher the intricacies of their grunts and these scientists have actually been able to communicate with the gorillas! APRIL FOOL'S!!

At dinner J was having grape Crush for dinner and M was having 7-Up.  While they weren't looking, I switched J's grape pop out for plain water with food coloring and M's 7-Up out with plain water with salt mixed in.  APRIL FOOL'S!!

At bedtime they were brushing their teeth and I'd added one drop of food coloring to their tooth brushes.  When they were brushing M was really surprised.  He said 'What is on my teeth? Is it paint??' It looked like he had mustard all over his mouth.  It was a little anti-climactic for J he just thought there was an unusual amount of blood (how much blood does he normally see, yikes!), but he rinsed and carried on with his life. APRIL FOOL'S!!

That was it...that was all of the orneriness I pulled on them, but it was GREAT fun!

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  1. Good jokes on your kids! At work I asked my bosses to approve my "Personal Time Off" form requesting the whole month of June. April Fool!