Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Fragments

There's so much happening this week my brain is on overload!  It's great to have an opportunity to dump what's rattling around in there, so that I can relax and enjoy the weekend!!

The first half of the week we fought rain.  Yes, Monday through Wednesday rain all day....around the clock.....RAIN.  It's great for the grass, and with the drought that we had last year we definitely need the rain.  It's not so great for kids that want to get outside and play!!

Yesterday was hubby's birthday!  How come men become more charming and distinguished looking with age and women....not so much!  The boys and I got him an arrangement from Edible Arrangements and a sign for our camper.  He said the arrangement was yummy and he was nice enough to share it with his coworkers.  The sign for our camper is great and let's other campers or visitors know who's staying there.

Today is a full day of work and then we're escaping reality to go camping for the weekend!  I have some serious germ issues, but when I'm camping all of that seems to fade a little bit.  God made dirt, so dirt don't hurt...right??

This will be L's first camping trip.  He's almost 7 months old, so I'm a bit nervous on how this will play out with his sleeping.  He's a terrific baby so I'm sure it will be fine. 

J and M were bouncing off the walls last night helping me prepare for our mini vacation. 

M said 'Don't worry Mom.  I've got my suitcase packed for camping.  I've got some clothes, my DS and LOTS of books'.  Lots of books??  I can barely drag that kid into our camper for sleeping.  When does he think he's going to slow down enough to read a book??  Alas, at 9:30 he was rummaging through our clean clothes looking for pants and socks.  Maybe I should look through his bag before we head out to make sure he has all of the essentials?

That's all I've got for today.  Now I can kick back and become ONE with nature.  Well, maybe just kick back and relax a little bit...becoming one with nature may be a little much.


  1. Camping with a camper better than a tent. I have not done the tent for longer than I can remember. My back just doesn't do sleeping bags on the ground well anymore. More recently we did a few cabin stays. Nice to have door that you don't zip.
    Not sure if you are new to the FF game but if you are then welcome. I'm new to your blog. Hope to read more in future FF posts.

  2. Hi Crystal. It's great to "meet" you!:) Glad you could clear your mind of fragments with us! Any mom who is brave enough to take three young ones camping is a friend of mine! :)

    I hope you have a great time. We always tent-camped, and my kids have very fond memories of tearing around and meeting other kids.

    I'm pretty sick of the crappy Wisconsin weather; there always seems to be something to complain about...rain...snow...humidity.

    Thanks for linking up! For future FF, visit this link, and let me know if you need help in any way!!!

    Have a great weekend.